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BOOK REVIEWS for Intrepids

"I enjoyed "Intrepids" more than I thought I would. I'm not much, if any, of a sci-fi reader and so when I received this book I was a little concerned it just wouldn't be the right fit for me. However, Katie, the main character/protagonist, I really "got". I think this middle grade story does a great job of presenting themes such as bullying, finding yourself, confidence building, and racial/ethnic discrimination. Katie is a US citizen, but due to her Asian background/upbringing she is discriminated against. The story opens with Katie at a science camp in the summer. She is clearly being bullied by the other campers. I appreciated the author's honesty in writing about specific "tween" situations that all of us have likely experienced: not fitting in, the dreaded "showering" in front of others, body image issues, and also just dealing with kids who are jerks. She also shares that she struggles with academics and her parents don't seem to be understanding of this." - Chattynatty: Reading, Recreation and Real Life

"As a mother, I enjoy this book, which is supposed to be aimed at my teenager. This book with the sci-fi adventure genre is written in language that is easy to understand, and full of adventure, but there is one side of the story that makes me reminisce about my childhood. Reading this novel is reminiscing when I was a child and being a minority in our town. Like Katie, at that time I couldn't defend myself when someone was bullying me. I fled to the world of imagination, where I had the power to defeat evil. In Intrepids, Katie flees in her imagination about a battle against the powerful snake named Queen." - When It Comes the Time To Be A Mother

"This was an AMAZING book! Katie showed bravery, loyalty, kindness, and she stuck with things even when they were hard. Katie was often stuck in very hard situations for a sixth-grader, but she overcame the challenges and grew from them. I especially connected with Katie’s story because I am in the sixth grade right now. That’s why it amazes me how Katie could be so brave!" - Fantastic Books and Where to Find Them

"My 6th-grader is really into science fiction books, and this one is just perfect! He really enjoyed Katie’s adventure. He could relate to her introvert and shy personality when it came to becoming friends with the centaurs. As a Mom, I’m always advocating for the need to have main characters that are diverse and Diana has done just this! Katie the main character is Chinese-American and she goes on to this magical fantasy adventure. This book deals with bullying, acceptance, community and finding your true self. This one is a winner and a favorite of our home library. Highly recommend this book." -

"I love how this book shares a look into the Chinese American life for an average sixth grader. Throughout the book Katie's own experiences are shared in her thoughts and memories. I also love the fantasy and science as well as the explanation about dragons and centaur sightings in history. This book is about a sixth grader who finds her own value and worth and reminds the reader that treating others with respect and love will help them develop into who he or she is suppose to be. Katie has to have courage as well as intelligence to survive on this new planet and she has to get over her own shyness and befriend the centaurs and become one of their community. She also feels the need to be a useful part of the community. It is an amazing tale that pulls so much together. I highly recommend it." -

"Intrepids is one of those books I wish I had read back when I’m still a kid. It is quite a good storytelling that talks about the main character as she improves and sees things on her own with the realization of how things work. Katie (the protagonist) has learned all of it outside her planet (well, she snapped out of her world just by eating that apple). She comes to adapt easily to a strange place that later becomes her happiness and at the same time responsibility and exposure to some sad truth of violence and war and conflict..."
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update: March 1, 2023